Miles Clark has everything he needs in his life. Well, almost everything. An exciting new job that challenges him every day, a sister and mother he loves beyond words, an amazing rugby team with his best friend Tyler, and a supportive business partner, Riley, that always makes him want to give his all. But the one person he truly wants, he cannot have. Even if it means keeping his feelings for Riley to himself.

Riley Fletcher is done being walked all over. After several years in a rocky marriage that ended in disaster, she’s determined to reclaim her life and her sole focus is now on her new business with Miles. With so much riding on their success, Riley refuses to let something as trivial as an attraction to a man get in the way. Especially when said man is her colleague…


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Avery Clark needs a break. Between her photography business not doing as well as she’d hoped and incessant family drama that does nothing to ease her spiking anxiety, she needs something to go her way.

And that was even before her ex-best friend, and talented pianist, Joshua Harding, ran into her during an event in Toronto, after ten years without any contact…

About Me

Hi, I’m Elodie!

Originally from France, Elodie moved to Montreal, Canada in 2014 to pursue her political studies in Montreal. An avid reader since her childhood, it wasn’t until 2021 that she rediscovered her love for books, especially romance novels…

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